Ghazini: Yet another mindless film

On December 25, 2008 By pramitsingh Topic: Films, Gazni, Review, Aamir khan

Watch Ghazini only if you like the over-the-top, highly stylized violent movies from South India, Compared to the hooplah with which "Ghazini" was launched, you would have been forgiven to be hoping for a 'meanigful' film. "Memento", on which Ghazini is based, was a small and smart film from a new director, was released with minimum fuss. Pleasant surprise is what movie goers like most. It builds the precious word of mouth value. Ghazini has no such value.

No such pleasant moments in "Ghazini" . Go to watch only if you like Kerb Stomping (in "American History X")-inspured head stomping scenes. A family movie it is not. The storyline is too disjointed and figures exist as mere props around the superstar. In "Memento" the characters played by Carrie Ann moss and Joe Pantolioni had impact. 


And what's up with this Jia Khan fetish? "Ghazini" is the third mindless and thin-plot Hindi film to have a decent opening in 2008 after "Golmaal Returns" and "Singh is Kingg". "Rab Ne bana di Jodi" was mindless but in an affectionate kind of way and it had something that few films in 2008 had - Repeat Viewing Value.


I feel pity for all those viewers who contributed to the record advance booking for the film. By the way, this is a trend in Indian Film Industry - make a crap film, release with as many prints as humanely possible, talk it up with a gullible media and try to recoup the film's costs by the first weekend. After that, truth will come out anyway.

And we wonder why so few hindi films, in fact none manage to stay in theatres for more than two weeks. Same fate is destined for "Ghazini" - a mindless film from a supposedly "mindful" actor.

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