Four ways we learn through blogging

On May 29, 2010 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Blogging, Remarkable

These are the four benefits of blogging to educate yourself.
1. Blog as a dump of knowledge: Write a series of articles on the major issues in your industry/topic.
2. Blog as a way to ask deep questions about your industry/topic: It frees you to ask what most others are not asking. As they say, ask and you shall know.
3. Blog as a motivation to do things: One of the best way, perhaps the best way, is to learn by doing. You can do things related to your industry/topic and then write about. It will be a cathartic experience as well as useful post for your readers. Some of the most popular blogs out there are of this type.
4. Blog as way of knowing more about yourself: Things you did not know about your industry/topic, and things you had never done before. Moreover, when you consider the social aspects of blogging - summarizing other people's ideas, commenting on other makes you humble. There are so many people who know more than you or have done more than you have.

Note: This post is based on this article here

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