Five ways how to deal with uncomfortable job interview questions: Without lying, say what the interviewer wants to hear

Posted on March 6, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Career, Job interview

The idea is to deal with uncomfortable questions without having to lie and telling the interviewer 'what he wants to hear'. The idea is also to 'Think Ahead, Answer Professionally, and Admit When You Don't Know.'

1. Be prepapred to deal with job-related questions.
2. Decline to asnwer questions related to your health, religion, ethnicity, marital or family status - many of these questions may be illegal to ask in a job interview in many interviews.
Or, at least, in case of health, you can give vague answers - e.g. "I am okay"
3. Twist the uncomfortable question around: Think, what does the interviewer want to know when he asks questions like 'Are you religious?' - a proper answer to this question can be this: 'I am but not like it would affect my job performance.'
4. If you can't twist the uncomfortable question, just be honest: Ask the interviewer 'What is it specifically that you want to know? I would be happy to answer that.'
5. Examples of 'acceptable' lying: For example, many say that since they were made to sign Non DIsclosure Agreements at their previous comoany, they can't fully answer the question. This kind of lying throws the onus of verification on to the other party.

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