Five things fresh Indian MBAs should never forget

Posted on June 18, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Mba, India

If you are one of those who thought about doing an MBA because it seemed a good way to get a job at the time, then you may be in trouble. Here are five truths about the next phase of life that every fresh MBA graduate must know:

1. Your learning is never over:
Bookish studies gone, now the real world starts. Time to unlearn many things and keep on learning.

2. No job is too low: Just get into the workforce, will you? Who knows, if you are humble enough at your new, lowly job, you will rise and shine one day.

3. The job market doesn't care how much you spent on your MBA degree: All it cares about is your hard work and willingness to do things.

4. Social network activity is no substitute for proper relationship building:
If you talk about absence of job offers, you will only come off as a whiny person. Build relationships - your father's friends. friends of friends, visit people in person...

5. Your close family and immediate contact group will help: They want nothing from you. They wish only the best for you. No shame in going to them for directions, references, and work.

Based upon: 5 mistakes new graduates make

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