Finally a sensible rail budget: If you can pay Rs. 250 for a bad bollywood movie, you can pay Rs. 150 extra for rail travel

On March 14, 2012 By newsguide Topic: India, Rail travel, Budget

Middle class India doesn't need to despair over the hikes in rail fares in 2012. It happened after 8 years, under a sensible-enough Rail Minister, who seems to be a breadth of fresh air after all those populist rail ministers who cared more for their future than the Indian rail passenger. While costs of all other utilities have risen, that includes fuel, rail fares were stagnant, especially the second class fares. If you don't think twice about spending on stupid bollywood movie, you will soon don't notice the slightly increased rail fares.


Details on the fare hikes:


  • This translates into a 5 t0 7 percent hike for sleeper class in the case of Express Trains, a 10 to 11 percent hike for AC Three Tier, 12 percent for AC II and 14 to 15 percent for AC I.
  • ...The increase in fares for suburban second class passengers travelling 35 km will be only Rs 2. For non-suburban second class ordinary passenger travelling a distance of 135 km, increase will be Rs 4 only. For second class mail/express passenger travelling a distance of 375 km, the addition to the fare will be only Rs 12 and that for a 750 km journey by sleeper class on mail/express train will be only Rs 40.
  • ...An AC 3 tier passenger travelling a distance of 530 km will be required to pay an additional Rs 57. The increase for AC 2 tier and AC I passenger travelling over same distance will be Rs 84 and Rs 163, respectively.

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