Dave Winer's challenge to hypocritical, dubious tech blogs: Practice what you preach

Posted on March 5, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Internet and Websites, Geek, Iphone, Security

When a blog that is being financed by a group of VCs who want their investments covered favorably, ran a post mocking Dave's criticism of iPhone-related security issues, in the wake of Path's attempts to steal users' address books. Dave got back at the blog: He challenged the blog to do what they were supporting:


An open challenge to (name of the blog)

... if they're really so unconcerned, considering that they probably use iPhones too, would they be willing to publish their address books, now -- today -- in entirety, without any editing. Every contact, phone number, address, email address, every bit of data they have put into their iPhones. So that everyone can see it?

Please include your calendar, and all photos. Remember, no editing, no selection. Everything on your phone is public, now.

And available for everyone to download.
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