Dave Winer On How The Media Failed America

Posted on November 12, 2016 By newsroom Topic: Trump-presidency

A dejected Dave Winer writes,

What will happen now? A lot of sleazy awful people will be leading our country. I thought we were done with all the Trump surrogates, but it's just beginning. Now MSNBC won't have a choice but to give them airtime, they will be the executive branch of the United States. But they had a choice the last few months. They could have devoted time on each show to getting expert opinions on what a Trump presidency would be like. Might have shaken a few of the third-party voters into voting for Hillary and we'd be facing a different, better reality this morning. ...The journalist's job, as they seem to have forgotten, is to provide their users with information about the events of the day. That doesn't just include the salacious and mockable rantings of a TV reality star playing the part of presidential candidate, they must give a voice to and represent the interests of the people who would be governed by such a person. They did not in any way do that. 

I think this is the final straw, the one that finally broke the back of American journalism. They really did this number on us. They could have made sure the Comey letter didn't get the play it didn't deserve... (Trump) He found his bearing, and campaigned like a champ for the last week and a half of the campaign. I don't think he would have won if he hadn't gotten that injection of purpose. 

...the press kept telling us Hillary has trust issues. How do they know? Well we keep saying it, it must be true. 

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