Be remarkable # 140: Overcome social anxiety

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable

Here are 10 good ways to overcome social anxiety. No need to lose any sleep or to take drastic measures such as alcohol or drugs to deal with social anxiety. Instead, you might try looking at these options suggested by the Internet hive mind:

1. Focus on things outside your self
- the decor, the people, the little details ("that is some pink that girl is wearing")

2. Practice observing other people - family (it all starts with the family, all that judgemental talk), friends...their imperfections/ will make you feel better, and raise yoru self esteem when you see your position.

3. Do exercises to ease all mental stress:
Start by meditation, then some Yoga, breathing exercises, and some serious physical action to get the blood flowing.
Go for long walks. Eat healthy.

4. Sometimes, just let go: You can't control everything.

5. See a therapist or psychiatrist - who may also suggest supervised cognitive behavioral therapy, where you try out out various situations, and how you behave under various conditions, and then you review, and so on.\

6. Recognize that you're projecting: You obsess about all of your flaws and faults. You judge yourself for your mistakes. You think you'll make a fool of yourself.

7. Think positive thoughts.

8. Go to as many social occassions as you can: Do something. Talk to the nearest person. Say anything. Ask what time it is. Ask where she/he is from. Ask directions for the bar.

9. Think of all the good things that can come out of the conversation: A new friend, partner, business idea, connections....

10. Say to yourself: "What's the worst that can happen?! - they can't kill you!" (George Costanza in Seinfeld)

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