Are resumes relevant?

On December 22, 2009 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Resume, Career

How do you convey your education, experience and skills to prospective employers? There are two schools of thoughts. The traditional way is to list out your key specs, share it on online resume websites, take a print out and join the line of masses at the employer's door. Then there are people like Seth Godin who believe in things like completed projects, satisfied bosses/clients who can vouch for your work, your blog on industry trends and most importantly your network of friends and collegaues.


Horror stories abound of clueless HR people who never seem to get your resume and ask the same old dumg question, "Tell us about yourself".

So what do you do? A couple of ideas:

1. A resume is relevant as long as it is concise [1 page max] and mentions your work and achivement in a direct language - e.g. "I started a team from scratch". If your resume has same old banalities such as "I am hard working", it is as good as dead.

2. The One-page resume must be supported by auxilliary (some might say primary) evidence such as a well-written blog, a positive result in Google search results and similar reputation-creating initiatives.

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