Apple's excuse for its China sweatshops: We create ample jobs and business for Americans, so just shut up

Posted on March 5, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Apple, Scandal

Responding to its critics who complain about bad work situations in its China factories (run by Foxconn), Apple chief Tim Cook says that  Apple has created 514,000 jobs in the United States though its gadget business - comprising 304,000 jobs - Apple workers, microprocessor mfg. manpower, iPhone glass makers, even USPS and Fedex workers who deliver the gadgets. Moreover, Apple says 210,000 independent application-developers create apps for its iPhone and iPad devices. For these developers, Apple claims to have generated more than $4 billion in business.

In short, Apple Computer seems to be saying that if no one is complaining about China model of doing business, democracy be damned, why pick quibbles with Apple's way of doing business when so many Americans are doing okay because of Apple. If everyone in the world started thinking like, then what?

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