Anil Dash: How To Fight Trump, Part 7

Posted on November 12, 2016 By newsroom Topic: Trump-presidency

Anil Dash has a set of guides and everyone has to pitch in:

1. Start by figuring out who's already fighting for racial justice, against climate change, and for civil rights (including LBGTQ rights and women's rights) in your community and commit to helping them.

Also start fundraising, now.

2. Make stopping Trump a regular habit: That means that when the media starts running puff pieces to humanize Trump and his inner circle, remind people that Trump is on the record as being a pro-torture, racist, misogynist, rapey authoritarian.

Have two anti-Trump days every week where you "do basic community-building acts like connecting with others around direct action or advocacy campaigns" like "contact elected officials, support candidates who will run for office, work with community organizations to support those in need, or simply talk to your friends and neighbors about the work that needs to be done."

3. Take care of yourself and others: Demoralizing years roll out ahead of us, we need to recognize that "we’ll get tired and afraid and exhausted, and when we’re not, we’ll have to help those around us who are.

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