All modern industrial supply chains rely on labor exploitation to succeed

Posted on October 9, 2017 By newsroom Topic: Big Business

Smartphones, iPhones, jeans...and now laptops. A newspaper writes about a labor watchdog saying that the world’s biggest laptop brands, HP and Acer among them, relying on Chinese student labourers as young as 16 to work 12-hour days on factory production lines, with their funding and graduation at risk if they fail to comply.

Keep in mind that labor exploitation not just happens in China. It happens in all developing countries. Also keep in mind that U.S. overconsumption of goods and stuff is not the only thing driving all this exploitation.

Basically, we all need to tone down on our consumption, starting by not falling for peer pressure.

We also need to find ways for common people to get basic needs of housing, food, education and healthcare at affordable prices - remember, these shitty jobs allow people to take care of their families.

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