A Simple Guide to Aamir Khan and his controversies

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People call the perfectionist of Bollywood. As someone not quite convinced by the claim, I would say Aamir has perfected the art of creating controveries to benefit his movies, something that many in the Indian film industry do from time time, necessiated by the usually pathetic nature of scripts produced in Mumbai.

Aamir Khan and conrtroversies, in reverse chronological order:

Gazni (to be released 2008): Aamir blasts his fellow Khans in TV interviews. Salman Khan - difficult to work with. Shahrukh Khan - Scared to work with me. In fact, Khan started the flame war for 'Gazni' in the summer 0f 2008. First, he accepted to run with the Olympic 2008 Torch inspite of support for the Tibetan protest saying "my heart goes out to them". Later, he goes on write on his blog that he calls his dog "ShahRukh" coinciding this with the ongoing IPL 20 -20 tournament where ShahRukh Khan owns a team.

Taare Jamin Par (2007) - He goes on record saying that he thought "Black" a movie about a blind girl starring Amitabh Bachhan 'went over his head'.

Fanaa (2006)- Aamir comes out for the displaced people of the Sardar Project dam project in Gujarat. What he has done for the poor people afterwards, no one really knows. Kind of reminds one about Sean Penn sitting like a student in front of Hugo Chavez.

Mangal Pandey(2005) - This time, it is time for Aamir's closet British Girlfriend Jessica Hines to come out and say she is going to raise Aamir's child with her,  Jaan, by herself.

Someone called him reclusive?

Greta Garbo was the original film Star reclusive who was uncomfortable with limelight of cinema, having come from a poor household in Sweden.

An unwritten rule of a Recluse is "You don't talk much".

The author J.D. Salinger, for example.


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