A Chronology of 14 Major Sex Scandals Involving Indian Politicians

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First, a quick look at what the Indian Politician really wants: The Mid Day Newspaper writes about Indian Politicians and their sex habits

In the past five years, at least 10 politicians from Uttar Pradesh alone have been caught in sex scandals, which include six with ministerial ranks.

Quoting a pimp, the paper breaks down the demographic, and else,

Politicians from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar top the demand list for call girls. However, they are not particularly choosy about the girl they get. Netas from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are more specific. They want sexy, fair and young girls. Unless the girl fits the requirement, the deal is not struck," said the South Delhi agent.


Now, a chronology of (updated - August 2012) major sex scandals involving indian politicians:

2012: So far, it has been a good year for politicians' sex scandals. Gopal Goyal Kanda (age - 46 years or thereabouts), who used to be a minister in Haryana state government, was arrested on charges of involvement in suicide of a 23 year old Airhostess Geetika Sharma, who used to work in Kanda's defunct airline MDLR Airlines.

2012: Abhushek Manu Singhvi, spokesperson for Congress party and a top-notch lawyer, resigned when a video reportedly showing him doing it with a female colleague became a viral hit on the internet. He resigned from his post, and he was in some pretty important posts too.

2009: Narayan Dutt Tiwari, 86-year old veteran Congress party leader and Governor of the South Indian State of Andhra Pradesh, is nailed (no pun ntended) in a sting operation when a tape with him and 3 women is uncovered. He resigns from office.
2009: Rajmohan Unnithan, 57 year old, another senior Congress party leader, and a movie star to boot, in another South Indian state, Kerala,  arrested for 'indulging in immoral activity' , aka trafficking. Later granted bail.

2009 General Elections:  Azam Khan, a leader of the Smajawadi party at the time is accused by film star-turned-politician Jaya Prada of distributing nude pictures of her. She goes on to win the elections, nonetheless.

2008: Manmohan Samal, Minister for Revenue and Disaster Management in Orissa, resigns when his involvement in a sex scandal is discovered.  , has resigned following disclosures of his involvement in a sex scandal.

2006: Kashmir Sex Scadal - High profile politicians and officials in the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir accused of being involved in a huge sex scam.  14 are implicated and one of the main accuser was a minor when it happened. The case seems to reach no resolution till date.

2005: Sanjay Joshi, a RSS leader and BJP General Secretary is caught in a sting operation, while in the act. He resigns soon afterwards.

2003: Amarmani Tripathi, then cabinet minister in state of Uttar Pradesh, arrested on charges of being involved in the brutal murder of poetess Madhumita Shukla, who was reportedly his girlfriend and pregnant at time of murder. Both he and his wife are in jail at the moment.

2003: Harak Singh Rawat, a former revenue minister in the northern state of Uttarakhand, belonging to the Congress party, alleged of having links to an unwed mother of Assamese origin. The CBI regsiters a rape case against him. He resigns.

1998: JB Patnaik, Chief Minister of the state of Orissa, from the Congress Party,  accused of being involved in sex scandals by affidavits from two former senior government officials. 

1999: RJD Party Leaders in the state of Bihar, the ruling party at the time, are accused of being involved in a sex scandal that results in the 'supposed' suicide of Shilpi Jain and Gautam Singh, who were found dead in a car. In 2003, a CBI court declared it a case of double suicide resulting from a love triangle. No one believes it though.
1997: P.K. Kunjalikutty,  a senior leader from the Muslim League in the state of Kerala, accused of running a whorehouse from a Ice Cream Parlour in North Kerala, thus the name, the "ice-cream parlour scandal".

1994 Jalgaon rape case A group of influential politicians, businessmen and officials are accused of  running a long-running forced-sex racket  on a huge scale in this town in the state of Maharashtra,  involving 300-500 women many of whom are school-going minors and often beloging to well-off families

1982: Bobby Murder Case in the state of Bihar, when Bobby, a girl who worked in the Bihar Secretariat is murdered and several ministers in the then Congress Government of Jagannath Mishra are implicated. To bring the perps to justice, the earlier ignored case is re-opened, and the dead girl's body is ehumed for forensic analysis.

1978: Suresh Ram, the 46 year son of then defence minister in the Janata Party Government Jagjivan Ram is shown in a photo with ' a woman' aka Sushma Chowdhary, who is 21 year old college student in Delhi. The photo is published in monthly magazine Surya and many believe his son't sex scandal cost the senior leader a chance to become the first dalit Prime Minister of India.  

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