75+ Career Opportunities in the Food Business: A Checklist

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The food business must not be limited to restaurants business only. In fact, the food business is a vast area encompassing a deliciously varied range of career and business opportunities. A checklist of some career opportunities you will come across in the food business.

[From the 100 Ways To Be Being Remarkable Series, a special project that brings you business and self-development advice from The Success Manual. ]

Farming, Food Production, Sales & Allied Services
Fruit or vegetable farmer
Backyard gardener
Sell in a farmer's market
Foodstuff Quality manager
Foodstuff/Produce Wholesaler
Professional food shopper/reviewer
Eating Etiquette coach

Food Entrepreneurship Opportunities
Open a restaurant
Start a food blog
Write Freelance reviews about restaurants and new food products
Recipe reviewer
Start a bakery
Dietician or nutritionist
Personal chef
Food styling
Foodservice consultant (because more restaurants are opend than any ither business)
Cupcake business
Birthday cake baking business

Career Opportunities For Caterers and Professional Hostesses
Wedding planner
Professional hostess

Career opportunities in Restaurant Work and Customer Service
Bus boy : Yeah it's gross, but if you can secretly pick from leftover plates while you're on the clock, you're getting paid to eat.
Work on a cruise

Food industry for Young People
Food scholarships
Lemonade stand

Careers in FDA and Food Safety
Quality assurance
Food Safety Education

Careers in Food Tasting and Sampling
Part-time taste tester (just search Indeed.com)
Water tester
Wine tasting
Dog food tester
Baby food taste tester
In-house food taster

Career in the Beverages Business
Work at a vineyard
Master Sommelier
Champagne buyer
Tasting room staff
Winemaking and production
Coffee taste test manager
One-time taste testers

Careers in Chemistry/Food Research
Product development : Create new flavors and food products.

Part-time/Time Pass Careers in Food Competitions
Google "eating championshio (your locality)"
Google "drinking championship (your locality)"
Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest
National Chicken Cooking Contest
The Search for America's Worst Cook
Just Smoked Salmon Contests
State Fair contests

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