70+ Best Marvel Comics of All-Time

Posted on July 23, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Best Books

These books will please fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as 'pure comic plays.'

The death of spider-man
Nextwave: agents of h.a.t.e.
New mutants #98
Marvel two-in-one annual #7
Fantastic four #262
Daredevil: the man without fear
Avengers (1963) #4
Amazing spider-man annual #21
X-factor #87
Thor #362
Spider-man: the clone saga
New mutants by chris claremont
Marvel comics #1
Silver surfer: parable
Marvel zombies
Iron man: armor wars
Avengers: the kang dynasty
Amazing spider-man #129
Alpha flight (1983) #12
World war hulk
Wolverine by chris claremont & frank miller
Avengers disassembled
Thor: god of thunder by jason aaron & esad ribic
Deadpool kills
Avengers (1963) #57
Hawkeye by matt fraction & david aja
Giant-size x-men #1
Avengers: the korvac saga
Amazing spider-man #700
Astonishing x-men by joss whedon & john cassaday
Amazing spider-man (1999) #36
Amazing spider-man (1963) #50
The ultimates #1
Planet hulk
Fantastic four #285
Captain america (2004) #25
Avengers: the kree/skrull war
Thunderbolts (1997) #1
Nick fury: agent of s.h.i.e.l.d. By steranko
Amazing spider-man (1963) #31-33
Avengers: ultron unlimited
Avengers vs. X-men
X-men: fatal attractions
Thor #337
Incredible hulk #181
Iron man: extremis
Spider-man: blue
Spider-man: maximum carnage
House of m
The death of captain marvel
Warlock by jim starlin
Fantastic four: the galactus trilogy
X-men: age of apocalypse
Secret invasion
Daredevil #181
Avengers: under siege
The kid who collected spider-man
Hulk (1962) #1
Fantastic four (1961) #1
Captain america comics #1
Avengers (1963) #1
Secret wars
Amazing fantasy #15
Captain america: the winter soldier
Marvels #1
The infinity gauntlet
X-men: days of future past
X-men: the dark phoenix saga
Daredevil: born again
Spider-man: kraven’s last hunt
Civil war
Spider-man: the death of gwen stacy

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