5 most overrated things in Entertainment today

On August 8, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Film, Tv

No, this isn't yet another post about how bad Hollywood and its exports are, or the media-industrial complex seeping through every core of humanity. This is about what no one is asking about the supposedly hot things of the day. I was going to write 5 long, separate posts but I have better things to do today (I must get back to writing my hopeless book). So, here’s what is bugging me:

1. Arrested Development was not that good.
They are happy that the new Arrested Development season starts shooting today. I watched it when it used to air and there was the same loopy American family that you see in every other sitcom, albeit richer - the same wacky pater familias, the hopeless kids, and the lovable kids who will redeem them all. Aaargh!!!!

2. Many TV shows that the ruling geekdom likes are not actually great.
Fringe (I do not know how many TV shows its creators mixed to create this Lost-wannabe). Falling Skies tries to be a great alien invasion movie but everyone is so cliched.

3. Many film franchisee that the geekdom pantheonizes, are B.S.
In this category are the 99% of all film franchises, led by Star Wars (my nephews thought it was some cartoon network show), LOTR (all those funny costumes and the scenary that is more an ad for New Zealand tourism than actually anything), and the Dark Knight series, which is the most silly idea I have seen in recent times (just watch it without the sound and you will know what I mean, the empty of it all, where everyone is hell bent on exposition).

4. Most popular sports are creating legions of greedy sportspersons.
After the first 5 million dollars or so, I fail to understand why sport stars feel so insecure. There was a time when great people played for less money. And I refuse to accept the 'market pays' argument. Greedy sports stars are creating a corrupt system in and out of the system.

The greed is all around. In films, the lure of easy money is making already-millionaires Indian film heroines selling utensil cleaners, judging dances shows and what not, without ever needing to work in another film again. Come to think of it. most of them were nothing but waist-waving pretty things anyway.

5. The people who write online are not the only ones who have watched movies and TV shows and live sports.
Most of these online commenters, bloggers sort of operate in echo chambers, continuously checking and updating a film's/show's ratings, and going after any view that upsets their pretty view about their entertainment.

You know what I am talking about. And I know these people will ignore this post as a rant.

Keep calm and keep watching good stuff.

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