40 most underrated life skills

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable, Education

To me, the most underrated life skill is humility - not getting over your head with knowledge, wealth, power, gadgets, lifestyle...whatever. Some other big underrated life skills, according to the internet hive mind are:

1. Persistence
"Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense."
- Winston Churchill

2. The ability to comprehend poorly-written (or poorly-expressed) material

3. The ability to take advice and to weigh it accordingly

4. Choosing to remain silent

5. Loving somebody enough to let them win

6. Quitting when it is the right time

7. Flexibility - to move away from the place you consider home if need be, to move on after a broken relationship, to adapt to change or emergencies in your homelife and at work, to negotiate compromise in difficult situations, to learn new skills when required, to never say "I can't do that because I've never done it before".

8. Choosing to remain silent

9. Loving someone enough to let them win.

10. Pattern Recognition

11. Flirting/Seduction

12. Storytelling

13. Systemic Thinking

14. Faking respect for annoying or misinformed people

15. Adaptation and flexibility.

16. Being able to say, "I don't know." And actually following through to seek out the answer.

17. Creativity and Imagination.

18. The ability to 'keep calm and carry on.'

19. Initiative.

20. Being friends with smart people.

21. Positive Attitude

22. The ability to argue a viewpoint with reasoned, well evaluated arguments and evidence.

23. Equanimity: Peace, calmness and rational thought in the face of adversity.

24. Patience (paired with #1 - persistence)

25. Knowing when to speak up

26. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut

27. Knowing the difference between being a pacifist and being a victim.

28. The ability to be comfortable with solitude, self-reflection, and mental concentration in an extroverted world.

29. The ability to be alone and enjoy solitude; the lengths some people go through for fear of being alone

30. Eye Contact

31. Optimism and flexibility or ( adaptability)

32. The ability to compromise

33. Self control

34. Kindness

35. Dignity

36. Breathing

37. Compassion and love for your fellow man

38. Resilience

39. Positive, enthusiastic attitude

40. Not being the wrong person at the wrong time

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