40+ little improvements that you can apply to your life to make it better right now

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable

The cliche 'good things come in small packages' can be true sometimes. Take this list of small things that improve your life immensely, for example (the ones in bold are my favorite):

1. Take the stairs

2. Pause for 2 seconds, breathe deeply

3. Stop thinking for 10 seconds

4. Don't wait until you know how to do something - just start doing it.

5. Get enough sleep. Don't think that you skip some hours without paying for it later.

6. Unsubscribe.

7. Do hard work in the morning, easy work in the afternoon, creative thinking at night.

8. Live within 30 minutes walk to the office. That's 10 minutes by bike.

9. Live openly.

10. Nothing on the floor.

11. Everything has a place.

12. One major step forward each day.

13. Really watch your money.

14. Set a timer. You can do almost anything, no matter how unpleasant, for 15 minutes.

15. Multi-task in tiny ways.

16. Try to be on time. Much less stress this way.

17. Listen to music while doing exercise. No more boredom issues while doing over 1K calories.

18. Telling the truth as much as you can. Most lying comes from self-protection.

19. Accepting, responsible for 'your' behaviour only, and not others' choices and behaviours.

20. Ignore fashion magazines.
You will feel much better about yourself.

21. Pick up a label maker and a few boxes of file folders and spend a few hours gutting and reorganizing your filing cabinet. One folder per subject, intelligently named and consistently labeled.

22. Minimalize, unclutter your life.

Throw one thing out everyday, till you have only a 100 things left.
- James Altucher

23. Learn one new piece of information everyday.

24. Do/say something nice for/to someone else

25. Express yourself - a picture, a thought, write a blog post, make a comment/answer, etc.

26. Choose the battles you fight.

27. Get out of debt.

28. Start running.

29. Get a bicycle.

30. Disconnect your cable TV - read more, see friends, see the world, watch necessary stuff on the net.

31. Meditate

32. Stop thinking about what others think about you.

Or, everybody is half empty and half full.

33. Reflecting on each and every day:
When did I feel at my best? (What was going on? What was I doing / thinking?
When did I feel at my worst / frustrated?
What trends am I sensing?

34. Don't eat alone.

35. Develop a 'Thick Skin' at work.

36. Learn to say 'NO'.

37. Enjoy Weekends.

38. Get enough sleep.

39. Be good at decision-making: always ask yourself two questions:" What's the worst that can happen?" And, "Can I live with that?"

40. Stop idolizing others

41. Link results with reward.

42. Kill all distractions.

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