4 ways how to keep your Google (and Chrome)-related activities private from Google

Posted on March 6, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Google, Privacy, Howto, Geek

The best idea to deal with Google looking into your life may be not to use Google, but even with its flaws, Google is the best option. So, what else can you do to put blinkers on Google's always-on eyes? Some sugestions from the Guardian:

1. Don't sign in. Or sign out of your Google account when you're not actively using Gmail, Google Calendar or Panoramio.  And when you sign back in, uncheck the "stay signed in" box.

2. Change your settings. Look at the upper right-hand corner of your browser. See your Gmail address? Click it. A drop-down menu appears. Click "account settings." Scroll down to "services." Click "Go to web history." It will read: "Web history makes searches better." Click "No, thanks." You can also clear your web history from this screen. The same trick can be accomplished here.

3. Use Google Chrome's "Incognito Mode," or another private browsing mode. Don't be misled by the Incognito Mode icon, though.  Your computer won't collect cookies or record your online travels, but your server (or your company's server) will.

4. Don't Google yourself. Repeated searches for your name or personal information such as your address can create a virtual map that leads right to you.

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