32 Reasons Why iPad and Apple are Wrong For Us

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A rundown of all that is wrong with Apple's latest offering towards world domination, a roundup of what the internet thinks about iPad.

1. iPad is not Green: One e-reader requires the extraction of 33 pounds of minerals, uses 100 kilowatt hours of fossil fuels and resulting in 66 pounds of carbon dioxide.
2. iPad will not save the news industry, only hasten its demise: Ravi Somaiya says 'Ask the music industry how the iPod revolution affected them'.
3. First-generation Apple products are for suckers: Gina Tripani says Apple has made it a habit of making quick price adjustments and upgrading later versions
4. Gadget blog writers are mostly useless: They will write anything that gets them traffic, even the respected blogs like Gizmodo which recently wrote that iPad will change everything, whereas earlier it wrote about 8 things that suck about the iPad
5. Apple will go all out to please bloggers and journalists which give it a favorable review: It will go to lengths to ensure that critical writers are suppressed
6. iPad is bad for the Internet: Wither freedom?
7. iPad is nothing new: Fujitsu had a similar device way back in 2002
8. iPad design is nothing revolutionary: Apart from a fast processor, that is. 80% of the space inside is taken by two large batteries.  Fred Wilson says, 'Reading (and watching some video) is how I will use the iPad. It is just not that good for much else.'
9. Typing on iPad is not good: Especially if you like to create long, complex articles.h
10. iPad Destroys Online Creativity: Jeff Jarvis gives his reasons - 1. Poorly designed iPad apps that do not allow commenting and 2. No USB drive - so you can't take in/out data 3. No Camera - so you can't blog pictures
11. iPad takes the control of content out of your hands: You can do whatever you want with your Time magazine in Print but not so with iPad app when you are paying the same price. Dan Gilmor wonders why news people aren't saying anything about it.
12. iPad is not that better than the Kindle: Kindle is better to read outdoors, is far cheaper and has a longer battery life
13. iPad's wifi dependency will cause problems: For example, see here and in these Apple forums 
14. iPad does not use Flash: So, people who are used to Flash-based apps and sites, kids for example, will be disappointed
15. The iPad app store is bloated with overpriced, retrograde apps: In fact, iPad applications are more expensive than their iPhone counterparts
16. You have to pay for everything you put into it: So unlike the PC. So unlike Google, Wikipedia and many other free things online. For example, it costs $30 to turn it into a picture frame.
17. USB-charging is cumbersome and time-consuming: In fact, the iPad won't charge at all from the USB port of a PC.
18. There's no multitasking: For example, you can't have your Twitter app open at the same time as your browser .
19. You can't replace the battery: Apple's closed systems fetish knows no bounds.
20. Stick to your Laptop: Especially for the holy trinity of "web browsing, video, email"
21. Netbooks are better than iPad in many aspects: And cheaper too - Video chat via web cam, Run Flash, Play (Flash based) Facebook games, Install any media, Swap batteries, Upgrade things like RAM, Do Programming, Upload photos from a camera via USB, Store more than 64GB of data
22. iPad is very fragile: Being an oversized iPhone doesn't help at all. The aluminium cladding is not solid.
23. Do not buy the iPad just because some game looks nice on it: After all, you won't want to spend the rest of your playing the same overpriced apps again and again. Ignore this Engadget post.
24. The Android version of any e-Reader is worth waiting for: It will be open, cheaper and will conform to the liberating quality of the internet .
25. Reading News on iPad goes against 15+ years of Internet: For example, the story-to-story navigation style of iPad apps, which is completely differently from browser-based net usage, jumping from link to link at will.
26. iPad will lead to more news org busting up: Cory Doctorow says 'iPad is the second coming of the CD-ROM "revolution" in which "content" people proclaimed that they were going to remake media by producing expensive (to make and to buy) products.'
27. Touchscreens will never beat good, old-fashioned keyboard: Nothing beats the keyboard as an input device. Even if they develop touchless touchscreens in future.
28. There are many alternative to the iPad: Gizmodo lists these options - Kindle Ebook Reader, Acer Aspire One 532g Netbook. Lenovo Skylight Smartbook, HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet, Dell Mini 5 Android Tablet, Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet, Spring Design Alex Ebook Reader. Apart from Kindle, all are open systems. You can read whatever you want, share whatever you want and the spirit of the internet is saved eventually.
29. Do not buy any device that takes away your control over your stuff: As Dave Winer says, Buy only what you can modify - 'Buy something that you can pervert in any way you want. Something you can plug anything into. Buy something you can copy all your data out of.'  Also read The Maker Manifesto: if you can't open it, you don't own it. Screws not glue. [Via Cory Doctorow]
30. Do not buy iPad unless they are jailbroken: Then, you can do whatever you want with it. No Steve Jobs controlling what you do with you paid big bucks for.  IPad is expensive and closed enough to be jailbroken ASAP. Thank god someone did it already.
31. Women may find the iPad name weird: iTampons anyone?
32. Do not make Apple Richer: Apple makes $208 on each $499 iPad. There is nothing cool about a brand that promotes closed systems. Apple is an elitist brand. It charges big money for beautiful things that force users inside walled gardens. It has made a specialty of catering to the wealthy with an image of being cool. Where is the Target for Tech apps? We need beautiful. open things at Netbook prices.


Updates on 7.4.2010

33. Book Reading will change For the worse. Do you want 'movie clips among Jane Austen's paragraphs in future editions of "Pride and Prejudice."'?

34. iPad will lead to faster rise of Cloud Data Storage: Nicholas Carr writes

The iPad manifests a large and rapidly accelerating trend away from local, redundant storage and toward central storage. In fact, I'd bet that if you charted the average disk size of personal computers, including smartphones, netbooks and tablets as well as laptops and desktops, you would discover that in recent years it has shrunk, marking a sea change in the history of personal computing.


Will you trust the Cloud storage providers with all your data?

Would you like to add anything more?


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