3 important lessons for bloggers from Freedom Is Blogging In Your Underwear

On October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Blooging, Remarkable, Book summary

Hugh Macloed, who wrote Freedom Is Blogging In Your Underwear is a blogging/creative hero. He showed that if you cared about your innovative ideas (and had some talent), you should stick to it, and ultimately you will make it. in Freedom is Blogging in your underwear, Macloed makes a passionate cry for blogging (writing about a topic you love, creating images/graphics, creating other creative things)in this age of Twitter-led noise.

Blogging is still alive

I see opportunity.

I see people who give didn't give up on their blogging / writing in the first six or seven months of launch.
"My blog gave me everything."

"My blog gave me my freedom."

Three main ideas about blogging and its benefits from the book:

1. "Crofting" is the new world of work
"Thanks to the Internet, we all have a little electronic "croft" -- an electronic smallholding -- to call our own: what is commonly referred to as our own digital identity, which we can cultivate, like a small farm, however we see fit."

2. Blogging can bring new light to what life might be
Remembger the original Wordpress tagline? Express yourself.

Our blogs can bring new light to what life might be by:

Writing about what individually moves us
Recognizing there's room for all of us to cultivate and lead our own tribes
Having the courage to initiate and participate in digital conversations (blogging, commenting, tweeting, sharing, etc.)
Blogging Is a Conscious Choice. You can't be a player unless in you're in the game.

3. The Internet eats the "Ignorance Premium" for breakfast

"The Internet makes it harder for us to know more than the other guy."

"The Internet erodes the "Ignorance Premium."

"Because knowledge is now so much easier to share with the Internet, you're in trouble if the only reason you can make a living is because somebeody is too lazy to easily find out what you know with just a quick click of a mouse." (this is so true for so many professions out there)

Our Opportunity With Blogging Is Promoting Our Individual "Intelligence Premium." The Internet and blogging makes it easier than ever to self-publish "what you know." Google makes it easier than ever for someone to find you. That sounds like opportunity to me.

Why not turn this unique opportunity into a career advantage?



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