250+ Best Speculative Novels

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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Literature defines speculative novels as story (ies) “that treats supernatural and/or nonexistent phenomena (such as the future) as a special class of objectively real things or events.” Speculative fiction includes  science fiction, fantasy, superhero fiction, science fantasy, horror, utopian / dystopian fiction, and supernatural fiction.


Station Eleven by Mandel
Bone Clocks
Annihilation (or omnibus Area X) by Vandermeer
Magician’s Land
Lock In by Scalzi
On Such a Full Sea by Lee
Book of Strange New Things
Broken Monsters by Beukes
Goblin Emperor
Red Rising by Brown
City of Stairs by Bennett
Ancillary Sword by Leckie
Half a King by Abercrombie
Queen of the Tearling
Fool’s Assassin by Hobb
Girl with All the Gifts
Words of Radiance by Sanderson
First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
My Real Children by Walton
Revival by King
California by Lepucki
J by Jacobson
Skin Game by Butcher
Three-Body Problem
Bird Box by Malerman
Broken Eye
Cibola Burn by Corey
Prince of Fools by Lawrence
Slow Regard of Silent Things
World of Trouble by Winters
Breach Zone by Cole
Defenders by McIntosh
Full Fathom Five by Gladstone
Mirror Empire
New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft
Traitor’s Blade by De Castell
Darkling Sea
Emperor’s Blades
Horrorstör by Hendrix
Steles of the Sky by Bear
Afterparty by Gregory
Angel of Losses
Book of Life
Boy Who Drew Monsters
California Bones by van Eekhout
Great Glass Sea
Maplecroft: the Borden Dispatches by Priest
Shadow Throne
Tower Lord by Ryan
Truth and Fear by Higgins
Winter People
Academic Exercises by Parker
All Those Vanished Engines by Park
Causal Angel
Close Your Eyes
Crimson Campaign
End of the Sentence
Goodhouse by Marshall
Heaven’s Queen by Bach
Last Projector
Last Town
Magic Breaks by Andrews
Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women
Night Broken by Briggs
Prince Lestat by Rice
Sleep Donation by Russell
Supernatural Enhancements
Veil of the Deserters by Salyards
We Are All Completely Fine by Gregory
Widow’s House
Word Exchange
Yesterday’s Kin by Kress
Young Woman in a Garden by Sherman
Abyss beyond Dreams
Best Horror of the Year
Dark Defiles
Dust and Light by Berg
Europe in Autumn by Hutchinson
Girl in the Road
Gunpowder Alchemy by Lin
High Druid’s Blade: the Defenders of Shannara
Hollow World by Sullivan
How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales by Bernheimer
Hyde by Levine
Influx by Suarez
Kraken Project
Lagoon by Okorafor
Last Plane to Heaven
Lines of Departure by Kloos
Lockstep by Schroder
Memory of Water by Itaranta
Paper Magician
Questionable Practices by Gunn
Resurrections by Kaveney
Rhesus Chart
Rogues by Martin
Rogues by Martin
Rooms by Oliver
Sand by Howey
Shattered by Hearne
Shotgun Arcana
Silent History
Smiler’s Fair by Levene
Spirits Abroad by Cho
Sworn in Steel by Hulick
Three Souls by Chang
Tropic of Serpents: a Memoir by Lady Trent
Valour and Vanity by Kowal
War Dogs by Bear
Witch with No Name
Above by Morley
Adventure of the Ring of Stones
Age of Iron by Watson
And the Hills Opened Up by Oppegaard
Apex Book of World SF 3
Apolonia by McGuire
Arcanum by Morden
Artemis Awakening by Lindskold
Assail by Esslemont
Bathing the Lion by Carroll
Beautiful Blood by Shepard
Bend of the World
Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume Eight
Better World
Big Boys Don’t Cry by Kratman
Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings
Black Moon by Calhoun
Blood and Iron by Sprunk
Blood of Angels
Book of Silverberg: Stories in Honor of Robert Silverberg
Boundary Problems by Bechtel
Burning Dark
Butcher’s Road by Thomas
Calendrical Regression by Schoen
Child of a Hidden Sea by Dellamonica
Chimpanzee by Bradley
City Stained Red
Clockwork Dagger
Code Zero by Maberry
Coldbrook by Lebbon
Collected Short Fiction Volume One: The Man who Made Models
Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg
Coming Home by McDevitt
Copper Promise
Court of Lies
Crane Wife
Crown of Renewal by Moon
Cyador’s Heirs by Modesitt
Damoren by Skorkowsky
Dark between the Stars
Dark Lightning by Varley
Daughter of Mystery by Jones
Death at the Blue Elephant` by Webb
Definitely Maybe by Strugartsky
Descent by MacLeod
Dominion by Sanson
Dream Houses by Valentine
Dreamer’s Pool by Marillier
Dust to Dust by Halle
Earth Awakens by Card
Echopraxia by Watts
Elysium by Brissett
Endsinger by Kristoff
Exo by Gould
Extinction Game by Gibson
Falling Sky by Khanna
Fallout by Decker
Fearful Symmetries by Datlow
Fearsome Magics: the New Solaris Book of Fantasy by Strahan
Fell Sword
Flight of the Silvers
Fluency by Wells
Foxglove Summer by Aaronovitch
Galaga by Kimball
Getaway God
Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon by Barnett
Gifts for the One who Comes After by Marshall
Gospel of Loki
Grasshopper’s Child
Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy
Hawk by Brust
Hawley Book of the Dead
He Drank
Heirs of Grace by Pratt
Her Husband’s Hands and Other Stories by Castro
Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future by Finn
Highfell Grimoires by Hyde
Hot Lead
Iron Night by Brennan
Irregular Verbs and Other Stories by Johnson
Kaleidoscope by Krasnostein
Lesser Dead
Liesmith by Franklin
Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History by Fox
Long Mars
Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
Lovecraft’s Monsters by Datlow
Madonna and the Starship
Mammoth Book of Best New Horror: 25th Anniversary Edition
Man with the Compound Eyes
Marked by Hughes
Memory of Sky
Mind Sweeper by Jones
Mirror Sight by Britain
Monster Hunter Nemesis by Correia
Moth and Spark by Leonard
Murder by Pinborough
Murder of Crows by Bishop
My Lady
New Watch by Lukyanenko
Nigerians in Space by Olukotun
Night of the Hunter by Salvatore
Nightmare Carnival by Datlow
One Bright Star to Guide Them by Wright
Operation Shield by Shepherd
Our Lady of the Islands by Page
Out of the Black by Currie
Pandemic by Sigler
Pretty Little Dead Girls by Yardley
Reach for Infinity by Strahan
Rental Heart and Other Fairytales
Seal of the Worm by Tchaikovsky
Secret Lives of Books by Love
Shards of Time by Flewelling
Shipstar by Benford
Silence for the Dead by St. James
Skin of the Wolf by Cabot
Sleeping Late on Judgement Day by Williams
Solaris Rising3 by Whates
Son of No One by Kenyon
Son of the Morning by Alder
Sparrow Hill Road by Maguire
Splintered Gods
Stone Boatmen
Strange Library
String Diaries
Table of Less Valued Knights
Talus and the Frozen King by Edwards
Tears of the Rose
They Do the Same Things Different There by Shearman
Thief’s Magic by Canavan
Time Traveler’s Alamanac
To Honor You Call Us by Honsinger
Tracks by Tolan
Trial by Fire by Gannon
Ultima by Baxter
Under the Suns by Smith
Unexpected Stories by Butler
Unholy War by Hair
Unwept by Hickman
Unwrapped Sky by Davidson
Up from the Grave by Frost
Upgraded by Clarke
V-S Day by Steele
Valor by Gwynne
Very Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Waking Engine
Walls of Wind by McLachlan
Way Inn
What I Had Before I Had You by Cornwell
Willful Child by Erikson
Winter Boy
Work Done for Hire by Haldeman
Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2014 by Guran
Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy: 2014 Edition by Horton
Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-First Annual Collection
Year’s Best Weird Fiction
Zero Sum Game by Huang

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