20 most important things that are not taught in schools

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Education

Peter Drucker said, "From time immemorial, teachers have believed that the ass is the best tool of education. The more you sit, the more you learn." I don't need to tell you again that school is not the place to get real useful education. So, what are people not being taught in schools?

1. Compassion

2. Creative problem-solving/Critical thinking

3. Reason (logic and fallacious theory)

4. Arts and Music

5. Manners and etiquette (especially in the business space)

6. How to recognize opportunities

7. Self esteem

8. Reading

9. Math (basic arithmetic, business maths)

10. Writing

11. Scientific method and the difference between a theory and an hypothesis

12. Logic and the art of argument

13. Emotional Literacy (the ability to express yourself and gauge the feelings of others)

14. Respect (yourself and others, to get respect give respect)

15. Perseverance (not giving up after one attempt)

16. Work ethic (effort pays off)

17. Basic housekeeping skills

18. Personal financial skills

19. DIY projects

20. Project & Task Management

21. How to cope with stress

22. Having an open mind

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