15 most important things you should discover about yourself ASAP

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable

As early as possible in life, you must find what and who really matters to you. Before it's too late. Know thyself.

1. What you truly stand for. (and are willing to be public about it)

2. You need to find
your power button. It's what turns you on.
your volume toggle -- when to give more or less.
what makes you play and how to stop when it's time to pause.
how to plan going forward, and when to remember and look back
what you say. Life is theater, what are your lines, what is your song?
who is allowed to press those buttons of yours?
how do you get recharged?

You should remember
You came from somewhere.
You'll end up somewhere.
You'll be remembered for something -- it's up to you to decide what that is.
In many ways, you are not much different from others.
yet, you are unique, and special to those who love you.

3. You must find out what your dream is.

4. You must find what makes you happy.

5. Find out what you truly love doing.

6. You should discover what you need in a companion.

7. A true (and realistic) understanding of your ability and capacity.
So that you don't shoot too high, or too low.

8. Find out what makes you stressful.

9. Find out how truly comfortable are you in your own skin

10. Find out the truth. To the best of your ability.

11. Find out your sexuality (and your sexual dreams and fantasies).

12. Find out what you are good at, truthfully.

13. Find out what you are not good at.

14. Find out your vulnerabilities and insecurities.

15. Find out how you react in a fight. (my favorite)

Bonus: from Quora.com

If you measure yourself with your palm fingers-stretched (thumb and little finger stretched max) - you will be exactly 8 times in size from head to toe (It applies to everyone who are healthy and normal). Hence, i am dividing a person's life into 8 equal parts with a symbolism of growing a tree.
From age 0 to 8 - Maintain your innocence; curiosity and trust in people (wonder at seeds and plant grains and see them grow roots)

From age 8 to 16 - Enjoy your growth, beauty, freedom, be hedonistic, search for identity, rebel for everything, sleep long, dream, drink, masturbate, have sex, and break all the rules but keep yourself healthy and de-addicted ( climb trees, break branches, uproot weeds but try to plant new variety)

From age 16 to 24 - Know your strength, weakness, understand limitations, learn to 'toe the line' and lead, understand opposite sex and respect teams, keep yourself fit and healthy and educate yourself to the maximum and achieve something big (Create a boundary around the trees, learn about making them survive, their growth needs, temperature, soil, pesticides and try to grow a big one)
From age 25 to 32 - Date with purpose, select your mate, travel, work hard, play hard, save, become a parent, reflect upon your course of life and try to change it. (See your tree give fruits, eat them and share it with your loved ones)

From age 33 to 40 - Be responsible, worry less, be moderate, have a healthy habit, mentor people, be useful for others, be part of community, think social, be a good citizen, travel and invest time in relationships. (Grow a garden, grow 4 fruit trees that would give 4 fruits in 4 seasons and share it with your community)

From age 41 to 48 - Earn, work, have balance, fully understand your strength, weakness and encourage people. Be a mentor for teenagers and try to connect with toddlers. (Manage your garden, share everything that grows there and help others to start their own garden).

From age 48 to 56 - Take things slowly, be fit mentally, be independent, be a grandparent, become like a child and play along with your grandchildren. (Start a nursery. Sponsor others to create gardens and donate seeds from your garden).

From age 56 to 64 - Retire, pass the baton, buy a new second home, travel based on seasons, invest money and keep your brain active. (Just water your garden and talk to the trees you have grown once a day).

From age 65 to 72 - You are turning your age to ’ 0 to 8’. So, try to always be positive and take life slowly, avoid finding fault or learn to look at speeding things with helpless-patience. (Just smile at all the trees and hear them smile back).

From age 72 to 80 - Join an old-age home where you will have community and medical help for your age related issues and execute your will in installments ( Don’t stop admiring at the trees from your window ).

Note: During the course of 0 to 80, at any point of time YOU DIE, dont worry, YOU HAVE SOWN YOUR SEEDS. That means you have "Discovered" yourself.

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