11 ways to be an ideal air traveller: in short, be nice to others

On March 6, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Air travel, Tips, Remarkable

When you lock up so many people in a confined space for considerable amounts of time, things happen - people loose their emotions on the smallest of things. Here's what we learnt about how to be a great air traveller from a CNN article on the subject, things not to do while flying:

1. No bare feet in an enclosed space.
2. Don't abuse the recline: Some airlines have seats that recline into themselves, so go ahead and recline away in those. You'll only impact your own legroom.
3. Don't be an overhead hog.
4. No talking loudly to strangers.
5. Don't make dumb jokes.
6. Don't fart
7. Don't be the person who on the international flight for 10 plus hours that feels youi fellow passenger is his / her personal leaning post when you are sleeping
8. Don't walking down the isle with a bag on your shoulder, hitting everyone as you pass by.
9. Manage your kids - horror stories aboud about loud kids, kids kicking seats, crying kids, kids doing awful things while mommy watches and says nothing.
10. Don't slam your seat back reclined before checking behind you.
11. Don''t all of you recline your seats at the same time.

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