100 Best Techno Thriller Books

Posted on July 18, 2018 By newsroom Topic: Best Books

A techno thriller story is a mix of science fiction, thrillers, spy fiction, action, and war stories. These books are favorite of Goodreads readers.



Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)
The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton
The Hunt for Red October (Jack Ryan Universe)
Sphere by Michael Crichton
Daemon (Daemon)
Prey by Michael Crichton
Timeline by Michael Crichton
Freedom™ (Daemon
Relic (Pendergast)
1984 by George Orwell
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
The Martian by Andy Weir
The Lost World by Michael Crichton
Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy
State of Fear by Michael Crichton
Congo by Michael Crichton
The Meat Market (Jonathan Harkon Adventures #1) by James Chalk
Too Much Information by David Haskell
Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon)
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
Deception Point by Dan Brown
Patriot Games (Jack Ryan Universe
The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne
The Ninth Orphan (The Orphan Trilogy)
Airframe by Michael Crichton
Clear and Present Danger (Jack Ryan Universe)
Next by Michael Crichton
Tsunami Connection by Michael James Gallagher
The Cardinal of the Kremlin (Jack Ryan Universe)
The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez
The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon
The Sum of All Fears (Jack Ryan Universe)
Map of Bones (Sigma Force)
The Running Man by Richard Bachman
Micro by Michael Crichton
The Cana Mystery by David Beckett
Without Remorse (Jack Ryan Universe)
Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
Rainbow Six (Jack Ryan Universe
Ibil by Adeerus Ghayan
May Day (American Sulla)
Robopocalypse (Robopocalypse)
Nexus (Nexus)
Ice Hunt by James Rollins
Area 7 (Shane Schofield)
Dance of Death (Pendergast
Closed Doors
Brimstone (Pendergast)
The Devil Colony (Sigma Force
The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth
Erasure by A.T.H. Webber
Sandstorm (Sigma Force
Bloodline (Sigma Force)
The Terminal Connection by Dan Needles
Ice Station (Shane Schofield
Executive Orders (Jack Ryan Universe
The Judas Strain (Sigma Force)
Mount Dragon by Douglas Preston
And the Tide Turns by Timothy Dalton
Moon 514: Blaze and the White Griffon by Drew Briney
The Satan Bug by Alistair MacLean
The Terminal Man by Michael Crichton
Stuck in the Game (Dream State Saga)
Black Order (Sigma Force
Debt of Honor (Jack Ryan Universe
Avogadro Corp (Singularity #1) by William Hertling
Utopia by Lincoln Child
Altar of Eden by James Rollins
Miami Spy Games: Russian Zombie Gun
Diamond Rain: Adventure Science Fiction Techno Thriller (The Spy Stories and Tales of Intrigue Series Book 2) by Michael James Gallagher
The End of The Computer (Thunder Valley Trilogy #1) by Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn
The 40-Minute War by Janet E. Morris
The Doomsday Key (Sigma Force)
Scarecrow Returns (Shane Schofield)
Temple by Matthew Reilly
The Last Oracle (Sigma Force)
Night Probe! (Dirk Pitt)
The Virus by Janelle Diller
The Bear and the Dragon (Jack Ryan Universe)
Shadow Team GB (Starbirth)
The Orphan Uprising (The Orphan Trilogy)
The Cabinet of Curiosities (Pendergast)
Netwars — The Code by M. Sean Coleman
Flight of the Intruder (Jake Grafton #1) by Stephen Coonts
Patient Zero (Joe Ledger
The Book of the Dead (Pendergast
Veterans of the Psychic Wars by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Screenshot by John Darrin
Zero Alternative by Luca Pesaro
Thieves Emporium by Max Hernández
Redemption (Ryan Drake
Neuromancer (Sprawl
A.I. Apocalypse (Singularity #2) by William Hertling
Scarecrow (Shane Schofield)
The Adventures of Armstrong Dent: The Complete First Season by Aeyess
The Orphan Factory (The Orphan Trilogy)

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