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  bighow, a simple publishing tool - take a tour
| a quick tour of bighow



"Who knew one could do so many things with a blog?" .



You can easily publish the following items on your bighow blog -


1. News articles, links, polls, diary posts, photos, Q&A, announcements, event notices, reviews, community postings, forum discussions

2. On the classifieds side, you can publish - jobs, wanted ads, for sale notices, matrimonial ads, vehicle for sale, travel deals, products on sale, services on offer and coupons.

3. You can also publish listings of these kinds at present - resume, personals/ dating and business profiles.


This short tour looks at the three main ways in which you may use bighow :

1. browse,  2. publish,  3. the user section - your blog.



The bighow home page is shown alongside, along with notes (text boxes) on how you can browse - using the blue bar on top (the header bar) and the various other browse options given on the bottom half of the home page.

bighow channels

1. For example, the News Channel page's URL is:

2. Other channels: links, pics, ask, announcements, for sale...

3. Use the Navigation aids on the right side of any channels page to fine-tune what you are looking - filter by tags or use the Advanced Search Box on Right Bottom. You can also subscribe to the Search results or for any tag.

4. Have a look at who others are posting actively in that channel.


browse bighow by location

2. URL:

3. URL to go to any city: Just type  If there is city by that name in Bighow, you will get something.

4. URLs for accessing localities and Countries:,

(all these links are in the top header bar.)


browse bighow by tags

1. URL for accessing the tags page: The link to browse tags used by bighow users can always be accessed from the blue header bar on top.

2. To see whether a particular tag/keyword has been used, type this URL -

3. Click on any tag in the Tags page to see what items - news, classifieds... are associated with it.


bighow groups

1. Access bighow groups anytime - the link is in the blue header bar on top URl:

1. Click on any city ( the link is always there on the top blue bar) to discover latest posts from the city - news items, diary post, classifieds...


the bighow members' directory

1. URL:

2. Click on any member's name to go her/his blog

3. Alternatively type this in the URL to see if a username exists:

4. You can search for users from the members' page and filter by locality - city, country or locality.

P.S. We only list those members' who opt to be listed.


browse bighow postings

A sample post page is shown alongside

1. You can 'contact the writer' by click on Contact Publisher link. situated just below the post (above the comment box)

2. 'Share' the posting with your friends by using the 'Share this' facility.

3. Use the Navigation aids on right column of page to look at other postings.


the footer

The footer is an important place to navigate more of the bighow goodness.

1. The Services column is pretty important and useful and contains links to some cool services from bighow:

- Members' directory - URL

- RSS feeds - URL

- Email Alerts service: URL

- bighow widgets - URL

- bighow tour - URL






the bighow home page



a sample post page


First choose what you want to publish:

1. The 'Publish' Link is always present on the right side of Blue bar once you are logged in.

2. Or, use this link:

3. Choose what you want to publish and click on 'go'.


We have very simple posting pages.

- At the end you will pre-filled local information, which we automatically append to your post.


For this, We use the local information you provide during registration.

- You can edit the local information on the publish page.


URL of Posting pages for each bighow channel: For example, in case of bighow news, the URL is

URLs of other posting pages are similar.


You do need to be registered to make a Forums posting. URL of posting page -

You also do not need to be registered to vote in bighow Polls. URL:



choose what to publish



a sample posting page






When you log into bighow for the first time, you are taken straightway to your blog. When you register on bighow, your blog is the first thing you see along with a welcome message with suggestions what you should do next.


1. URL for any bighow blog:

2. Things that people can access from your blog: your profile,  a list of your favorite things (a list of 30-odd things) and your saved bookmarks - links for these items are just below your name -

which, by the way is pretty bold, huh?

3. Your essential stats can be seen on the right column. They also include how many users follow you and how many users you follow, among other interesting things.


Once you are logged in, you will find the link to your dashboard on the blue header bar on top of any page on bighow. Once you are seeing your dashboard:


1. Use the Blue Header bar on top to navigate

2. Click on my blog link on the right (in the blue bar) to go to your bighow blog.

3. You can edit and delete your posts.

4. Click on the Publish link on the blue bar on top to publish any new item.


your bighow blog


the dashboard



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