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  bighow poll: Who will lead Pakistan next

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Who will lead Pakistan next? 

pramitsingh on 04/11/07 tags: government city: Islamabad  Comment: 0 Save: 1

Now that General Musharraf has imposed Martial Law on Pakistan, something that only a genarl can do with impunity and stupidity in equal measures, many say the end of Musharraf is near. Who will lead Pakistan in 1 year's time?

Total Votes: 1

Gen. Musharraf:  100%   [1 Votes]
Benazir Bhutto: 0%   [0 Votes]
Namwaz Sharif: 0%   [0 Votes]
Imran Khan: 0%   [0 Votes]
Musharraf's stooge: 0%   [0 Votes]
None of the above: 0%   [0 Votes]

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