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You don't need Microsoft Surface or Apple iPads

thesuccessmanual on 20/06/12 city: New-York tags: apple microsoft  Comment: 0 Save: 0

Both Apple and Microsoft are old news. Both make money Operating Systems that you need to upgrade every couple of years. What an old idea! Apple may be making better looking laptops and tablets but the idea of completely locked down machine, an OS dating from the 90s is just plain old - and what about those fleecing prices?

Microsoft Surface might have solved the typing dilemma on Tablets with the cover doubling as a keyboard and the back support, and Metro looks better than Apple OS, but Microsoft was one of the original evil software corporations, and Apple is ironically copying Microsoft in this area.

You hated Apple for its walled garden approach to everything (who died and made them Einstein?), its sheer arrogance over the user, you will hate Microsoft again (the hate was at Apple in the post iPhone era) as it continues with the old windows platform and its monopolistic policies.

The best computing bet for normal user is still a Netbook Acer D 270, with good old Win XP or Google chrome running, period. It cost only $400 or less. If you want a Tablet for media consumption, Micromax (Indian brand) has one available for just $150.If you are the one looking to show status with your computing devices, you shouldn't be reading this.


P.S. - If you are one of those Apple cultists, just one step away from Manson and Jim Jones, then you will love these anti-Apple stories on Bighow.

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