Why VCs Really Reject Startups: They don't like the CEO

Posted on June 18, 2012 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Startup

The number one reason why many Venture Capitalists reject startups is because they don't think "you are the right CEO". Of course, some might say what gave the VC the right to be true about everything apart from the fact that got rich once in their life, with whatever they were doing.

  • ... most VCs, reject your proposals because you lack experience and leadership skills and your team is weak. Would you rather hear the hard truth about why your startup didn't get funded or some vague dismissal?"


Some other reasons given out by VCs include:

  • "I don't understand your space and so can't add value", or "We don't invest in companies at your stage" or "We already have a competitive company in this space", it went down ok with the entrepreneur(s). If it was "I don't have confidence in the market opportunity" or "I think that there's too much risk in your technology...


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