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Posted on July 7, 2017 By pramitsingh Topic: Internet And Websites is an easy, all-in-one online publishing tool for businesses & professionals. The idea behind is creating and maintaining a comprehensive online business presence that is as easy as using your email/social media account.

Basically, Truho is 'Wordpress meets Paypal meets Magento'.

I have been working on the Truho, on and off since 2009, and was able to finish it, working full-time on it for 12months.

If you are a business, you can use it do a lot of things - business listings, products, services, deals/offers, rewards progams, job posting, other business pages, lead generation pages...and much more. 

If you are individual or a professional / freelancer, use Truho  to post your resume on a dedicated url, have a'hire me' button to get new job leads, maintain a 'project's page, answer people's questions.

I am working on adding the payments component to Truho. 

Try it out for yourself.

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