Start of the end for the India growth story? Rising salaries, slowing growth rate, plateuing demographic dividend

Posted on March 6, 2012 By newsguide Topic: India, Economy

How long can a country keep growing, fueled by an aspirational demographic dividend? Salaries are rising all the time, making IT-outsourcing firms and others make lesser profits. Prices of everything keep rising. People are stuck in dead-end jobs paying installments for over-priced apartments they couldn't really afford. Industrial growth is slowing. Many flats remain unsold. People have lost billions collectively in the stockmarket and for those useless insurance premiums they didn't needed, and were conned into signing up for.The only expenditure Indians can still manage is to spend 2000 rupees taking out the family to watch trash like 'Bodyguard" and eating overpriced (and smaller- portioned) American style food.  Is this the beginning of the end or just a minor correction?

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