Satnam Singh Bhamara: Not quite India's Yao Ming

Posted on March 16, 2012 By newsguide Taged: India, Sports

Sports magazines primary deal in making legends. Currently, one of their project is an Indian freak (and one means that in a good way) -Satnam Singh Bhamara a 7-foot-2-inch Punjabi farmer's son. The kid's mother is 6 feet 9 inches, and his father is over 7 feet tall.

Satnam got people's attention in 2009, when he went to New Delhi to try out for the national junior team, which would go on to play in the Under-16 Championship in Malaysia. Currently, the boy is part of a giant sports machine, undergoing training at IMG

I am sure Satnam would go on to make his NBA debut, then return to Indian to feature in some bollywood movies, do this and that, and thus bring glory to family and country. Glory to country? I am not sure. Indians are not famous for being 7-footers, let alone 6-footers. You will read about Satnam being the Yao Ming of India, but remember this: All 'X of Y" of stories are bullshit generalizations.

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