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How useless are opinion polls of TV news channels?

pramitsingh on 10/04/09 city: New-Delhi tags: indiaelections2009 survey indiablogger  Comment: 0 Save: 0

It is no secret most TV news channels in India have a political bias. Analyzing election-related opinion polls taken by two major TV news channels, Vinod Sharma says,

As is evident from the analysis above, both the opinion polls have attempted to project the Congress as doing very well in the key state of Andhra Pradesh. CNN-IBN, in one of its polls, actually shows a near 4% swing in favour of the Congress despite Chiranjeevi getting 7% vote share. NDTV, on the other hand, slyly slips in the unnoticed fact that despite Chiranjeevi getting a whopping 14% of the votes, double that shown by CNN-IBN, the vote share of the Congress remains almost untouched at the same high level that it was in 2004!

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