How to take online courses (and make it look like a regular class)

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Education and Schools, Online courses

Online courses are the future. No, not the University of Phoenix type but a mix of 'Khan Academy + MIT Open Courseware + Youtube + Wikipedia + Coursera + Mobile Learning + Degrees of completion'...well people are still working at it. But it will happen eventually. Here are five handy tips on how to successfully take an online course and make it look like you are taking an offline course.

1. Do not read lectures on your computer screen - print out your lecture, or put a PDF of it on your E-reader.
2. Email the professor - If you have a quick question, just email the professor and ask, because that’s what they expect.
3. Do not procrastinate - know when assignments are, and then get them done on time.
4. Make the class your browser’s “home page” - you will see it often, and help you not procrastinate doing the work.
5. Know the syllabus - In online classes the syllabus will not be repeated frequently by the teacher

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