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How to start a political party in India

pramitsingh on 09/04/12 type: Advice city: New-Delhi tags: indiaelections2009 politicalparty howto simpleguide  Comment: 0 Save: 0

The Congress party was formed more than 125 years ago. When the indpendence was won, Gandhiji wanted Congress to be disbanded but they did not listen. It took another 40 years or so before a party was able to rival to rival the Congress in reach and scope. The failure of these two big parties to arrive at a likeable, universal, benefit-all mean has allowed scores of small and regional parties to bloom. Many of these small parties are started by ambitous politicians, who are suddenly and mysteriously able to get their hands on some serious money.

Even with this proliferation of political parties, the Indian citizen is dis-satisfied, angry, desparate and confused.

This is where you, the political party creator come in. Rajesh Jain has written about how to complement a big political party and help it achieve better things. Rajesh is a BJP supporter. But, I think his six ideas can be used by anyone to give a practical direction to a new political party. I am summarizing the six steps:

1. Create an army of volunteers across India.
2. Create a Continuous Engagement Programme with Middle India.
3. Identify 10 Key enabling Ideas / Innovations / Disruptive Technologies.
4. Fund a Think Tank.
5. Nurture 1000+ candidates across India.
6. Project a Big, Bold Vision for India.

Let us add the seventh step: get your hands on some money., preferably if it is lying under your mattress

Even a charismatic guy like Obama had to raise record amounts to win in the U.S. Presidential Elections. In India, Caste-oriented politicians such as Mayawati get their admirers to donate millions during birthdays.

Forget this step if you have idealism in your eyes. The force of change is with you.


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