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How to Pitch A Blogger

pramitsingh on 29/09/10 city: New-Delhi tags: howto  Comment: 0 Save: 0

Pitch a blogger just like you would pitch reporter. Focus on areas the blogger/reporter is interested in. Now, what would interest a blogger/reporter? Something that brings her/him page views, something that engages his audience, it is as simple as that.

This blog post advises on how to pitch a tech blogger. You can easily use a similar strategy in other fields.

...(try to) recognize some of the more common types of narratives. If you read through the headlines on Techmeme, you’ll find that most fit into at least one of the following:

Competitive or Political Drama - aka “company X releases product Y to kill company Z”
Gossip - “CEO of company X gets tangled up in Y”
Insight - “trend X will change the world because of A, B, and C”
Evolution & Confluence - “service Y is like X for Z, capitalizing on the recent developments of A and B”
Success - “company X has created super impressive technology Y, is growing fast, or has made lots of money”
Failure - “company X is dying or has messed something up”

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