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How to be a warrior

thesuccessmanual on 23/03/10 city: New-York tags: remarkable quotes  Comment: 0 Save: 0

This guide belongs to 100 Ways To Be Being Remarkable  Series, a special project that brings you business and self-development advice from The Success Manual.

We confuse warrior with martial fighting. In fact, we are all warriors. The best known warrior people on this planet, the Samurai had their own book, The Hagakure, which focused more on mind mending than swordfight, which of course one had to learn.

The best quote from Hagakure that I remember is,

A bird doesn't think why and how it flies. It files.

The point: Keep your mind clear.

Another of my favorite Hagakure saying is, "Never take more than 7 breaths to make a decision." I am sure people will dispute this swiftness of thought but I love it for the clarity it brings.

To erase your misconception about warriors, leanred from popular culture, this is what a Navy SEAL instructor says,

There is no typical profile of a Navy SEAL; usually, it's the guy who is quiet - who is unassuming but they've got heart inside...the big Rambo guy beating his chest is probably not the one.

Now, 10 best pieces of wisom on being a warrior from ‘A Separate Reality’ by Carlos Castaneda

1. One has to reduce to a minimum all that is unnecessary in one's life.
2. To be a warrior you have to be crystal clear.
3. Everything is equal and therefore unimportant.
4. In order to become a man of knowledge one must be a warrior. One must strive without giving up, without a complaint, without flinching, until one sees , only to realize then that nothing matters.
5. Act like a warrior and select the items of your world. You cannot surround yourself with things helter-skelter any longer.
6. You must stop talking to yourself.
7. Your problem is that you confuse the world with what people do.
8. The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior's last battle on earth.
9. Focus all your attention on listening to sounds and do your best to find the holes between the sounds. Stay in complete alertness.
10. One learns to act like a warrior by acting, not by talking. A warrior has only his will and his patience and with them he builds anything he wants. You have no more time for retreats or for regrets.

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