How powerful smartphones will be in future

Posted on August 7, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Smartphones, Mobile

In 10 years time, the average smartphone will be more powerful than the top-of-the-line desktop/laptop of today:


  • A regular ARM-powered smartphone, such as an iPhone 4S, is some 12-13 orders of magnitude more powerful as a computing device than a late 1970s-vintage Cray 1 supercomputer, but consumes milliwatts of power for computing (rather than radio) operations, rather than the 115 kilowatts of the Cray.
  • If we assume another two decades before Moore's Law breaks down, then by 2022 we can expect our smartphones (or equivalents) to be as powerful as today's leading edge desktop workstations; and by 2032, to be capable of delivering peta-FLOPS of performance per processor core, with multiple cores as standard, terabytes of RAM, and multiple terabytes of non-volatile storage.


Via Antipope

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