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  how fights between big companies like google vs microsoft are useful for the rest of us helps bring more private information public - bighow news

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How fights between big companies (like Google vs. Microsoft) are useful for the rest of us: Helps bring more private information public

newsguide on 05/03/12 city: London tags: google microsoft patent fight  Comment: 0 Save: 0

When Microsoft wrote on its blog about Motorola (now owned by Google) overcharging Microsoft for use of its video-related patents, we came to know that Microsoft was planning to use 50 of Motorola's patents, that patent companies are the reason why our gadgets are so expensive, that Microsoft pays 2 cents per computer for 2,300 patents it uses in its video software, and that Windows uses more than 60 standards, and that a PC supports about 200 standards. Won! We normally did not get to know all this!

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