Four ways to secure your smartphone

Posted on March 15, 2012 By newsguide Topic: Geek, Apple, Android, Smartphone, Tips

A study on smartphone security found that of all people who found smartphones, 72% tried to access photos, 57% tried to open a file called "Saved Passwords," and 43%tried to open an app called "Online Banking."
Since most often username and password fields are already filled out in your mobile apps, anyone who found your device could simply press a button to access them. The study also found that of the 66% of the people who discovered the smartphones, clicked those buttons to try and start the programs.
Which brings us to some useful tips of secure smartphone use:

1. Always protect your phone with a password or a "draw to unlock" pattern.

2. Use security software designed specifically for smartphones to lock up programs on your phone. Some of these programs can be used to help locate the phone, or to wipe its memory from remote locations.

3. Don't lose your cell phone. This falls under the category of "Well, duh." Nobody loses a smartphone on purpose, obviously. But try to make sure you keep it in you pocket or purse when not in use.

4. Companies that issue phones to their employees should make sure to train workers on security, and should secure every phone with passwords.
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