Demonetization in India: Have You Had Enough of The Nationalists Yet?

Posted on November 14, 2016 By pramitsingh Topic: India

Modi's Rs. 500/1000 demonetization plan is not a war on Black money. It is a war on daily wagers, small shops (and big shops), women everywhere, the unbanked, the uninsured (what happens when a poor goes to hospital now?), is war meant to subdue the already pliant citizenry with increased surveillance (Aadhar) and more harrassment from officialdom.

This demonetization exercise was completely unplanned. It will take more than 50 days (Modi's magic number) for things to go back to normal. ATMs have to be modded. There are not enough ATM replinishers around. 

Black money is an institutional failing, but people are paying.  If you wanted to fix the black money menace, make all cash transactions over 2.5 lakhs reportable (with mandatory PAN card). Make a list of 50000 most powerful and rich Indians and file a case in secret (it is possible) so the court will issue a notice which the state can take to the Swiss and other counries with offshore banking facilities, and make them cough up details if any. Get details of property owenes of all expensive flats sold anywhere in India, ask for their source of funds (and their relationships)...and why, for god's sake was a 2000 Rupees introduced? 

The politicians are all mostly quiet, busy counting their losses and options. No one is mounting an organized campaign against this idiotic step. Every politician has things to hide. 

As usual, Modi is the only one talking. Feeling fresh after a foreign trip, he is again spinning a 'personal' story - that people should punish him if...that he is only doing what Congress wasn't able to do...everything is personal for him, as it is for every authoritarian. 

This will definitely go down as one of the most irresponsible act in the history of independent India. 

I hope you have had enough of the natinalists' big talk. They haven't burbed black money, havent' created jobs,haven't cleaned India literally or monetarily (in this case)...they have done shit. Instead, they have attacked our colleges,sought to get the army on their side (how many of you are tired of this 'surgical strike' shit?), they have supported lumpens' attack on civilians (MNS vs Karan Johar in Mumbai), they have done everything to crush a popularly elected government (in Delhi)...their parent organization is busy taking exams in school about vedic science, pushing out progressives and putting in regressive 'shakha' types in all our institutins that are the guardians of our progress...

We have become more closed minded. Our Facebook feeds are all shit and poison (burps of a comfortable salaried class geting direct credit into their bank accounts), who, instead of making factual arguments, have graduated to name calling and curses, shouting to noone in particular in their echo chambers. Our youth is more uncouth and ugly than ever. All this while, the PM says all this sacrifice is in 'national interest'...and you wonder if he would sacrifice his job to someone who has better, progressive ideas for our country. Our patience will soon run out. Something has got to give.


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1. Ajay Shah, NIPFP: It’s not correct to equate corruption and tax evasion with physical cash... a lot of unaccounted money works through front companies which have bank accounts. 
2. Mohan Guruswamy: Last year, Indians illicitly exported $83 billion, making us the second-largest stashers of money abroad after the Chinese. This money is out of the purview of Tuesday’s demonetisation.
2. In 2014, BJP (then in opposition) had opposed the planned demonetization move of then Congress govt, saying it was anti-poor.


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