Dear Indian Media, Stop all this SP-praising

Posted on March 7, 2012 By newsguide Topic: India, Politics, Elections

5 years ago, you all were singing same praises for Mayawati, her rainbow alliance, how she ousted SP's goonda-raj from UP. Already a losing SP candidate shot bullets in anger, people got injured.

You forget Mulayam's family Raj, the defeat of the daughter-in-law Dimple in 2009 elections, Akhilesh's not-so perfect past, the inevitable business corruption in collusion with Anil Ambani and the coming reprieve for Sahara, the worst finaccial services company in India at the moment.

You gloss over the fact that this an anti-Mayawati vote (oh, if only she had cut down on her elephant fetish) not a pro-Mulayam or pro-Akhilesh vote. The Indian voter has no other choice.

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