33 awful (but smart) ways to succeed in life

Posted on October 25, 2016 By thesuccessmanual Topic: Remarkable

Truth be said, most successful people in this world got there by a combination of luck, smarts, occassional spurts of hard work, and some underhand smarts. Otherwise, every ironsmith in this world would be  a millionaire today. I culled this list from one of Seth Godin's absent-mindedly written (how uncharacteristic of him) blog posts. He titled it as 'how to succeed', which after my culling, is something else altogether.

  • Go to college with someone who makes it big and then hires you
  • Be born with significant and unique talent
  • Network your way to the top by inviting yourself from one lunch to another, trading favors as you go
  • Quietly do your job day in and day out until someone notices you and gives you the promotion you deserve
  • Do the emotional labor of working on things that others fear
  • Notice things, turn them into insights and then relentlessly turn those insights into projects that resonate
  • Hire a great PR firm and get a lot of publicity
  • Work the informational interview angle
  • Perform outrageous acts and say obnoxious things
  • Inherit
  • Redefine your version of success as: whatever I have right now
  • Flit from project to project until you alight on something that works out very quickly and well
  • Be the best-looking person in the room
  • Flirt
  • Aggrandize, preferably self
  • Be a jerk and win through intimidation
  • Be a doormat and refuse to speak up or stand up
  • Never hesitate to share a kind word when it's deserved
  • Sue people
  • Treat every gig as an opportunity to create art
  • Cut corners
  • Focus on defeating the competition
  • When dealing with employees, act like Steve. It worked for him, apparently.
  • Persist, always surviving to ship something tomorrow
  • When in doubt, throw a tantrum
  • Have the ability to work harder and more directly than anyone else when the situation demands it
  • Don't rock the boat
  • Rock the boat
  • Don't rock the boat, baby
  • Resort to black hat tactics to get more than your share
  • Work to pay more taxes
  • Work to evade taxes
  • Find typos

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