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15 Best Manga Comics Created Outside Japan

booklist on 13/12/10 city: London tags: book list comics  Comment: 0 Save: 0

Mangacritic lists 10 best Manga comics created outside Jpana, by mainly American artists. The lists turns out to be 15 after considering some other honorable mentions:

1. Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley
The romantic misadventures of a twenty-three-year-old slacker while poking fun at hipster culture.

2. Nightschool by Svetlana Chmakova
Supernatural mystery from elements of domestic drama, horror, and humor.

3. Yokaiden by Nina Matsumoto
Also a supernatural adventure about a young boy.

4. King City by Brandon Graham
The adventures of Joe, a twenty-something guy with a talent for picking locks and getting mixed up in dangerous, illegal activities.

5. 12 days by June Kim
Every day, for 12 days after her friend's gruesome death in a car accident, the heroine Jackie drinks the dead friend' s ashes in the form of a daily smoothie and fights with the dead friend's brother.

6. Empowered by Adam Warren
Story of Elissa Megan Powers, a.k.a. Empowered, a superhero who struggles with self-esteem issues, social anxiety, and her utterly unreliable super-suit

7. Japan AI: A Tall girl's adventures in Japan by Aimee Major Steinberger
Aimee documents her 2007 trip to Japan.

8. Blue Monday by Chynna Clugston
Chronicles of an over-enthusiastic California teen, Bleu Finneganand her esoteric group of friends.

9. Off*Beat by Jen Lee Quick
Advetures of a lonely teen. A mix of science fiction, realism, and romance.

10. The Dreaming by Queenie Chan
Adventures of identical twins Jeanie and Amber Malkin who are in a boarding school in the Australian outback. Managcritic calls it 'Picnic at Hanging Rock meets The Orphanage ghost story'.

11. Gothic Sports by Anike Hage
Set in Germany, where a transfer student tries her best to excel in sports despite her lack of skill and the school’s limited opportunities for female athletes.

12. Hollow Fields by Madeline Rosca
Adventures of a nine-year-old Lucy Snow at  Hollow Fields, a.k.a. Miss Weaver’s Academy for the Scientifically Gifted and Ethically Unfettered.

13. Manga Shakespeare: Othello by Ryuta Osada

14. Re:Play by C. Lijewski
Adventures of a struggling music band.

15. Sorcerers and Secretaries by Amy Kim Ganter
Story about the relationship between an aspiring fantasy writer, and flirtatious ladies’ man.

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