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12 Management Lessons from Rework

bookguide on 24/06/10 city: New-York tags: greatbooks book summary  Comment: 0 Save: 0

Rework is the second successful book by the guys at 37 signals. Earlier, Getting Real got a lot of praise for its guidelines on web application development. While Getting Real was full of advice fro web development, Rework deals with Common-sense management.

Highlights from Rework:

1. The best time to start a company is now
2. Start small and don’t be impatient
3. Don’t make a five-year plan – it’s just guesswork
4. Don’t depend on raising capital if you can help it
5. Don’t employ people unless you need to
6. Marketing is just spam – do it yourself
7. Leave out features in favour of quality
8. Listen to your customers – feedback is everything
9. Don’t work too hard – if you are you’re doing it wrong
10. Meetings are generally a waste of time
11. Meeting organisers are a waste of space (& money)
12. Make sure you enjoy it.

[From the great books series. Also read The Success Manual - Encyclopedia of advice.

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