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Trissur Pooram – The Dazzling Display of Kerala Arts

seomanju on 07/01/11 city: delhi tags: Travel and Vacations kerala tour kerala tour packages festivals of kerala trissur pooram kerala  Comment: 0 Save: 0

Kerala, a beautiful state at the southern part of India and is a very favorite tourist location to the travelers to enjoy their remarkable vacation. The festival time of Kerala is the main season for tourists to visit this heavenly land and be the part of the colorful celebrations and know the mutual harmony of people in this God’s own country. The Festivals brims with mirth and joy and unfold the rich and varied culture of the Kerala. Due to the appreciable hospitality of Kerala to out side visitors and to other cultures, there got number of adoptions and additions to Kerala’s own traditions. Trissur Pooram is the most spectacular festival of Kerala. Pooram is Malayalam world and it means ‘the meeting point of all the arts’. It is only a 36 hours celebration and displays the rich art and culture of the Kerala that can be seen in its entire splendor. The time of festival is coming in April-May months. Maharaja of Kochi, Ramavarma introduced this festival and he was the most powerful king in Kochi history. The celebrations are held at Thekkinkadu grounds encircling the Vadakunnathan temple. People from all the religions, castes and tourists participate with vigor and zeal in the Pooram. Paramekavu and Thiruvambadi are the two temples and major participants of the Pooram. They are displaying Kerala art and culture to the onlookers as they show their artistic prowess and it is a rare show of talent. Massive and colorful processions are organized by temples, starting from Krishna Temple and Devi Temple. The groups enter the Vadakumnatha Temple through the western gate and take exit from the southern gate of the temple. This way they come face to face and the competition becomes open. Panchavadyam by 200 artists from various disciplines like Thimila, Maddalam, and Trumpet etc is the major attraction of the moment. Noon time is reserved for another event, Pandemelam and all this leave the audience spell bound. A procession of 13 caparisoned elephants, they face each other is the most enchanting facet of Thrissur Pooram. Kudamatom is another ceremony, the parasols are changed with an even more colorful and exquisite one among the people in the Pooram. The dazzling display of fire works till morning is noting the end of the Pooram moments. For more information about Kerala Tour , Kerala tour packages and Kerala tours visit Kerala Tourism blog.

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