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Temple Festivals in Kerala, Royal Hunt and Holy Bath

seomanju on 31/03/11 city: delhi tags: Travel and Vacations Kerala tour travel Kerala tour package in Kerala  Comment: 0 Save: 0

The rich cultural heritage of India is always a great subject to the history enthusiasts and travel lovers in the world. The heritage sites of Kerala have to say a story from centuries ago and that has many adopted things from the ancient civilizations in the world. Temples, churches, palaces and forts are the main heritage monuments from Kerala that are listed in the world heritage site list of UNESCO and these are the main spots to visit in Kerala tour. There are number of festivals and traditions are celebrating here to memorize the important days related to these heritage sites. Temples in Kerala are the main part of spiritual life in Kerala and most of the festivals are dedicating to temples and Gods here. Pallivetta (Royal Hunt) and Arattu (Holy Bath) are some main rituals those conducting in major temples of Kerala. The Holy Bath in the Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple in Trivandrum is a famous festival in Kerala and the occasion is held by the old royal family of Travancore (old name of southern part of Kerala at the time of ruling by King). October-November and March-April are the timing of this ten day festival. Number of pilgrims and travelers are coming here to take part in these holy events. The ninth day of festival is displaying the Royal Hunding or Pallivetta event. At this moment the processional deity is brought outside from holy place and keeping near flagstaff. Then three elephants are leading the procession outside the temple and goes round the outer walls and Rudratheerta. In this time the Lord is greeted with nirapara and lighted lamps. After nine rounds running the hunting expedition, the Lord is supposed to be tired and the diety is taking inside the temple. Royal hunting denotes to the destruction of evils like desire, anger etc in Life. Next day of festival is the Holy Bath event and the procession goes round the temple and finally brought in front of the Bhagavathi temple. The Holy Bath of deity is done with coconut milk provided by an Ezhava family. This moment is conducting according to an ancient myth. Thousands of people also taking holy bath along with Lord and are considered washing away one’s sins. For more information about travel Kerala, Kerala holiday packages and tour package in Kerala visit Kerala tourism blog.

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