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Arippa - Calm and Peaceful Ecotourism Spot in Kerala

seomanju on 31/01/11 city: delhi tags: Travel and Vacations Kerala tour kerala tour packages ecotourism  Comment: 0 Save: 0

Arippa - Calm and Peaceful Ecotourism Spot in Kerala Ecotourism is defined as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people". The term ecotourism is popularized in the world with sustainable development programs. The development process for increasing infrastructure of a location will hurt the ecological balance and diversity of nature. But through sustainable development process this destruction of nature can avoid. Kerala, the beautiful state at the southern part of India is now utilizing its great possibility in ecotourism and sustainable development. With the part of it, there formed a number of ecotourism spots, that helping the visitors to be the part of nature and to view the beauty of diversity in nature. Arippa is one of the ecotourism spot in Kerala that providing great opportunity to know the Mother Nature in close. This is 1000 hectares of forest plantation in a compact area. This is calm and peaceful destination for tourists admits the lush green and shady forest environment and it is the wooded highlands and a part of Western Ghats. Arippa is known for its diverse species of birds and wildlife and is a renowned haunt for bird watchers. Short treks, bird and wildlife watching, visit to the nearby tribal settlement, outdoor camping in jungle camps etc are the main ecotourism activities for the tourists. Tribal guides are the specialty about trekking through the forest routs. They will lead us through unstoppable adventurous experiences. Jyothismathy is the beautiful KFDC Inspection Bungalow near here serves as an excellent retreat and halting place for visitors en route to ecotourism centres like Palode, Konni, Thenmala, Kallar etc. For more information about Kerala Tour, Kerala tour packages and Kerala tours visit Kerala Tourism blog.

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